Your Story is worth remembering

Record your, or your loved ones’ Story as a Personal Podcast with a Story Locker Professional Interviewer of your choice.

Preserve your Personal Podcast in your Story Locker forever and share it with future generations.

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How it works?

This is your moment to share your Story. Create your Story Locker Personal Podcast in three easy steps.
1. Choose

1. Choose

Choose your package, category, and professional Interviewer.

2. Record

2. Record

Record your podcast from the comfort of your home. We’ll send you top quality mic and headphones. You also get to keep them!

3. Share

3. Share

After we professionally edit your recording and overlay it with beautiful music, your Story Locker will be ready to share with friends and family forever!


Story Locker Personal Podcasts are a great way to unlock stories, thoughts, and wisdom through the magic of podcasts. Stories are worth remembering and sharing.

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What our Customers say

We can’t pass on our thanks enough for our experience with you.

It was great to reminisce over past events that have been so poignant and uncover forgotten treasured memories. Looking back over Dad’s life was really warming and something we will treasure always, hearing stories we’ve never heard and watching him light up talking about his past adventures was truly a wonderful time for us.

Holly Anderson
Liverpool, UK
Photo from Holly Anderson

Going through my life story with the interviewer was a unique experience. The podcast creates a wonderful gift for friends and relatives. For anyone looking for something special as a Christmas or birthday gift, then this is just the thing. It’s a gift which lasts and lasts. A wonderful souvenir!

Barrie Tomlinson
North Yorkshire
Photo from Barrie Tomlinson

I loved doing this podcast about my 60 years on this planet, I was so ready and willing as I’ve always got a story to tell! Hope and the team were friendly and reassuring from the onset. My podcast has been a big hit with family and friends, it’s inspired many.

Raj Rasoi Mann
London, UK
Photo from Raj Rasoi Mann

It has been a fantastic experience recording my life story with Story Locker. From the initial research call to the final recording, the process was professional. They made sure I had every I needed to ensure we had the best recording possible. The final product is fantastic and truly projected my overall message and life story. Now I can share my life story with the world.

Shanwayne Stephens OLY
Peterborough, UK
Photo from Shanwayne Stephens OLY

Lots of forgotten memories have since flooded back, it’s been quite an emotional experience!  Thank you for inviting me to participate in your project.

The story locker presentation team were amazing, patiently guiding me through technical mumbo jumbo for setting up equipment and preparing a list of succinct salient points to aid interview recording. The interviewer was very professional, which supported the unlocking of many memorable moments from my humble life.

Steve Ovi
Kings Lynn, UK
Photo from Steve Ovi

How long does it take for the Story Locker experience to start?

You’ll receive your Order Confirmation within seconds of ordering and can get started straightway. Gift buyers can choose when the Gift Email is sent or if you chose a Gift Card, you’ll receive this within 2 to 3 days. Need it faster? Contact us a [email protected]

What is included in a Story Locker Podcast package?

Your professionally edited Podcast, specially written Show Notes about your Podcast and photographs provided by you. You will be able to give Friends and Family secure access to your Story Locker to share your Podcast with them.

How do I give a Story Locker Podcast as a Gift?

When you buy a Story Locker podcast as a Gift we ask you how you would like your Giftee to receive it.  You can choose between an email which you send to them at a time of your choosing, or a  Story Locker Gift Card which will be sent to you to gift to them directly.

Can I purchase a Story Locker Podcast as a Gift?

Absolutely! A Story Locker personal podcast is the gift of a lifetime!  By buying one as a gift you’re offering someone the change to tell their Life Story or create a lasting memory of all kinds of special life events and occasions.

How many Guests can take part in the podcast interview?

To ensure a high quality audio, the maximum number of guests is two.

If you have chosen a Life Story, for example, then we can arrange for one person to be interviewed about their own life, or for two people to tell the Life Story of another person.

Our ‘When we first met’, ‘Wedding’ and ‘Special Anniversary’ packages are more suited to two guests. Our ‘Newborn’ and ‘Special Birthday’ options suit one or two guests.

How long do I have to Redeem the Gift?

You or your Giftee have up to 12 months to redeem the Gift.  This allows you to purchase it in advance of an event or special occasion.

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