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Life is full of moments to celebrate. Birthdays, becoming a parent, anniversaries, graduations, valentines day, baby showers, the joy of a new home, and more. The list of things to celebrate are endless. And at Story Locker, we believe every story is a treasure worth preserving.

Celebrations aren’t just about the present; they’re about expressing gratitude for the journey that got us here and reliving those precious moments. When thinking about the idea of leaving a digital legacy, nothing captures the emotions quite like a Personal Podcast.

The beautiful gift of a Story Locker Personal Podcast is a way to create a lasting and precious legacy of that moment of celebration. Where the person you are gifting this will uncover their experiences, memories and story.

After recording, the Personal Podcast will be stored in a secure Story Locker forever, and can be shared with friends, family, and future generations. Gift to a loved one or create a Personal Podcast for yourself to preserve and celebrate these special moments forever.

Have a listen to a snippet from Rufus & Ruth’s wonderful podcast.

Rufus & Ruth's 25th Wedding Anniversary

Rufus & Ruth's 25th Wedding Anniversary

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