In search of the perfect Wedding gift……

Let’s be honest. Buying the perfect wedding gift is hard work.

Especially these days, when most couples have lived together for an average of 3.5 years before marriage. The chances are they’ve already got everything they need.

At this point, you’ve either looked through the wedding list and can’t quite bring yourself to spend £200 on an air fryer, or the happy couple has given no clue as to what they want. Not helpful.

So you’re stuck. Cash feels impersonal, and a quick Google search of ‘the perfect wedding present’ has left you uninspired. What is it about engraved decanters that makes them so popular on gift recommendation websites, by the way?

Your options now are either spending an afternoon in a department store, aimlessly picking up and putting back expensive tat, or throwing your device against the wall in an online shopping rage because you can’t decide what to buy. Which is no choice at all, really.

Luckily, you’ve made it here and found the perfect solution – The Personal Podcast. Problem solved!

The Gift of a Lifetime

Sure to be the most stunning and sentimental prezzie in their pile, a personal podcast is ideal for you and your friends to club together for the gift of a lifetime.

As exciting for you as it is for the couple, a personal podcast is not only a gift for the big day. It’s something that newlyweds and their families with cherish forever.

Choose a podcast they record before the big day, letting them tell their love story from when they met until now, or arrange the recording for after the wedding so memories of the big day can be included too.

You can learn more about how it all works here.

But, in the meantime, let’s talk more about why a personal podcast is a winning gift that’ll see you invited to anniversary parties for years to come.

  1. A personal podcast is unique and unexpected, meaning that you don’t have to worry that somebody else has already bought them one.
  2. You don’t have to give up your Sunday to scour the shelves.
  3. You can club together with friends to purchase the podcast, saving you all from stress.
  4. The happy couple won’t need to find space for it at home (or feel obliged to put it on display!)
  5. Most importantly, it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. A personal podcast is something they’ll listen to over and over and share with loved ones for as long as they both shall live.

Buying the perfect wedding present is hard work?

Thanks to Story Locker, it’s not anymore.