Weddings are becoming more digital

Whilst traditional weddings remain supreme, developments in digital technology allow us to bring age-old customs up to date. 

From fancy digital invites to online gift registries, more people than ever head online to give their wedding a techy twist. 

Want to hop on board the virtual train for your own big day? 

Here are five digital technology trends to watch out for. 

1 Online Research 

Online research plays a massive part in planning the perfect wedding.

But even this relatively old-school process is undergoing a modern makeover. 

Nowadays, you dont have to make do with a few grainy pics of a potential venue before deciding whether to check it out in person. 

Instead, the most forward-looking locations offer full-blown 3D Virtual tours.

Meaning you can walk around prospective premises from the comfort of your couch. In real-time. With a tour guide included. 

Its on social media, though, where online research comes into its own. 

Search #weddingplanning on Instagram, and youll see that the hashtag has an impressive 11.3 million posts. The same hashtag on Tik Tok returns 3.9 billion views. 

Now that is a modern trend. 

2 Dress shopping 

Sorting the dress is stress, right? Not anymore. 

In a similar fashion to the way 3D venue tours work, many leading bridal boutiques now offer virtual consultations. 

With the likes of Provonias, you can get a 45-minute one-on-one digital consultation with an expert wholl help you choose a gown or accessories from their virtual showroom. 

Your maid-of-honour, friends, and family can also join your appointment so you can all have a nice glass of prosecco together while you shop. Just like in real life. 

Want to go a step further? 

Some companies offer an augmented reality service so you can inspect dresses in detail through special apps. Give it a go here

3 Robots

If you want to go all out at your wedding reception, hiring a robot is the digital trend you need. 

Businesses such as the interestingly-named Heartburn Entertainment are pioneering performing robots to entertain your guests. 

Particularly popular at Asian weddings, these giant robots are capable of LED light displays and indoor pyrotechnics. 

They can also be programmed to boogie, which would make for a memorable first dance. Everybody do the robot! 

4 Personal Podcasts 

Placed in fourth position in this list due to reasons of modesty, we genuinely cant think of any digital trend better than our personal podcasts. 

New, unique and memorable, a personal podcast is a must-have addition to any modern wedding.

Choose to record your podcast before your wedding day and tell the tale of your journey as a couple, or record the podcast after your nuptials so you can include memories of the big day too!

Either way, personal podcasts are the perfect way to relive your love story and share your joy with friends and family forever.

Learn more here

 5 Wedding cake light projections

Not content with already being the centre-piece of your celebration, even wedding cakes have gone digital. 

Companies like Motion Mapping make your cake a true show-stopper with hi-tech video projections. 

You can cover the cake surface with stunning animated designs to fit your theme or add photos and messages from loved ones to make it truly personal and filled with emotion.  

Enough to bring your guests to tiers.