Deborah Weitzmann


Meet Deborah Weitzmann, a seasoned interviewer and master storyteller with a background that spans both print and broadcast media. A business journalist at heart, she seamlessly delves into the realms of entertainment, culture and travel news, showcasing a versatile understanding across diverse disciplines.

For the past six years, Deborah has been fully immersed in the dynamic world of TV and radio news production, specialising in ‘money & work’ stories for the BBC. Her forte lies in establishing connections with a diverse array of personalities, from celebrities and politicians to influential business leaders.

Deborah’s talent shines through in extracting compelling narratives, as seen in her role as a host for a BBC World Service flagship business radio show. Her interview style is characterised by energy, enthusiasm, and a skill for delivering stories that resonate with global audiences. Deborah earned a Distinction in her Journalism MA from London’s prestigious City University and holds both UK and US citizenships.

Based in Primrose Hill, she enjoys engaging in creative writing and cooking during her downtime. With a keen ability to pose insightful questions, Deborah adeptly breaks down complex stories, weaving them into engaging narratives that inform and captivate. Allow her to bring your story to life with flair and insight!

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