You're just a step away from creating a Story Locker Personal Podcast and a digital legacy!

The Short Story

45 Minutes
1 Revision
1 Guest
From Home

The Feature

90 Minutes
2 Revisions
2 Guests
From Home

The Video Podcast

60 Minutes In Studio
2 Revisions
4 Guests
In Studio

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All our packages include:

  • Your choice of Gift Email or Gift Card (if purchased as a gift). We can even send the box with mic and headphones for you to put under the Christmas Tree.
  • An onboarding Discovery Call and Guidelines to get you started and put you at ease.
  • A Studio Microphone and Headset (yours to keep).
  • Your Main Interview Recording with an experienced Tech Producer and chosen professional Interviewer.
  • Your In-Studio Video podcast with an experienced Tech Producer and chosen professional Interviewer for our Success Story package.
  • Professional Studio Editing of your Podcast delivered with a curated music overlay.
  • Your secure Story Locker personalised page including your podcast, beautifully written Shownotes and your chosen photos for you to share with family and friends.

How long does it take for the Story Locker experience to start?

You’ll receive your Order Confirmation within seconds of ordering and can get started straightway. Gift buyers can choose when the Gift Email is sent or if you chose a Gift Card, you’ll receive this within 2 to 3 days. Need it faster? Contact us a [email protected]

What is included in a Story Locker Podcast package?

Your professionally edited Podcast, specially written Show Notes about your Podcast and photographs provided by you. You will be able to give Friends and Family secure access to your Story Locker to share your Podcast with them.

How do I give a Story Locker Podcast as a Gift?

When you buy a Story Locker podcast as a Gift we ask you how you would like your Giftee to receive it.  You can choose between an email which you send to them at a time of your choosing, or a  Story Locker Gift Card which will be sent to you to gift to them directly.

How many Guests can take part in the podcast interview?

To ensure a high quality audio, the maximum number of guests is two.

If you have chosen a Life Story, for example, then we can arrange for one person to be interviewed about their own life, or for two people to tell the Life Story of another person.

Our ‘When we first met’, ‘Wedding’ and ‘Special Anniversary’ packages are more suited to two guests. Our ‘Newborn’ and ‘Special Birthday’ options suit one or two guests.

Can I purchase a Story Locker Podcast as a Gift?

Absolutely! A Story Locker personal podcast is the gift of a lifetime!  By buying one as a gift you’re offering someone the change to tell their Life Story or create a lasting memory of all kinds of special life events and occasions.

How long do I have to Redeem the Gift?

You or your Giftee have up to 12 months to redeem the Gift.  This allows you to purchase it in advance of an event or special occasion.

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