Eddie Castle


It’s a pleasure to introduce our award winner Eddie Castle.  It’s true! While living and working in the Caribbean, Eddie won the coveted title of Belizean Karaoke Champion, 1998. 

As a highly established presenter and interviewer, he has been producing and presenting radio shows around the world.  Being passionate about radio, Eddie brings a unique style of fun and humour and this shines through in how he connects with his listeners.  As his Gran would say, “If you can make one person smile a day, you’re doing a grand job.”

For over 12 years Eddie was working for BFBS, British Forces Broadcasting Service working in locations like Belize (Central America), Kosovo, Cyprus, Iraq, Northern Ireland. He worked alongside the British and International military entertaining, informing and connecting wherever they were in the world. 

On his Instagram profile he describes himself as a radio presenter, world traveller and sports fan. When not working, Eddie is watching his beloved Chelsea Football Club and travelling to create new memories. In 2013, he challenged himself and trekked around Dharamshala India to raise funds for Marie Curie. 

Over the past couple of years Eddie has been involved in writing, producing and presenting various podcasts for clients around the world and we are delighted he now brings this experience to Story Locker.  

Eddie's showreel

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